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5 Solutions to Change the World

I’ve discovered five key solutions to share with the world to eliminate our problems of violence, fear, poverty, slavery, and hate.

1. Peace: Human history has always known war and violence toward one another. Because of this history we have accepted as fact that humanity will always be at war. However, I believe that peace will one day be known by our species, and I will work to that end, whether it be one or one-thoiuand years from now to be realized. I believe our faith can ony be realized as truth if we place it in that which has not yet been seen. And the truth of a world at peace, is the only truth befitting a God who is love.

2. Hope: It is often that I hear “hope” spoken of in a depresding manner. We hear people say “I hope so” commonly with a tone of belief that what we hope for likely will not happen. But I would offer that the only things we should have hope for are those things which there is no doubt we will achieve. I hope in peace, and a world filled with people who simply love one another, share resources, and bring freedom to all of life. These are dreams of mine which I believe to based in promises from a being who cannot lie – God.

3. Resourceful Giving: Poverty is a product of greed. Greed is humanity’s pursuit of power over another, as opposed to service to one another. As we learn the joy of giving we learn that giving is actually one of the most selfish acts we can do. Because giving not only improves the well being of another in need, but improves the well being of our world. When poverty is eliminated by a gift of fortune, the incentive for thousands of other problems is also eliminated, and we create a safer, more connected in relationship world.

4. Freedom: Liberty is one of life’s most badic rights. Freedom is at war with greed & humanity’s desire to rule others. For freedom to be realized we must stand against those who would seek to oppress and enslave others. We stand against oppresdion with weapons not of violence nor words of anger; but with a heart of love and justice.

5. Love: I believe every solution listed above is rooted on simple love for one another. As we, together in unity, learn more about what “loving one another” means, the world will know peace, hope, generosity, and freedom.

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Thoughts on Human Trafficking

Human sex trafficking is an issue that I’ve noticed is gaining quite a bit more exposure than it had in previous years, at least that has been my observation. Young woman are kidnapped and installed into the world of prostitution, living in extremely unhealthy and confined spaces with very little hope of escape. Men pay them nothing as they are their property and they are largely viewed as a tool to earn a profit. Which I think may potentially speak to the core issue here.

Certainly the lack of respect for other human beings and desensitization to sex are key elements, however; as people’s hearts have been formed by the evil in this world to pursue money, this becomes a pursuit that disconnects humanity from itself, thus enabling people to view other people, not as people at all but as tools to serve the great purpose of serving the god of money. We read a few places in the Bible where it talks about the two god’s a person can serve – God or money. The love of money is not loving a piece of paper, but the power that comes with it, and this is a spirit that is rampant globally. Many of us grow out of our indoctrination of religion and patriotism, but few seem to see that the indoctrination of money is the most deceptive influence that we are taught at birth and throughout our lives.

The only answer I can see to the issue of human sex trafficking is that of love. When we show others love and they experience it in it’s genuine grace-filled nature, they are empowered to change because they’ve found something real that is more powerful than anything prevalent in this world. If we can spread love into the darkest places we will see this issue eliminated. Many want to solve the problem through laws or simply getting the women out. However, I don’t believe either of these perspectives truly solves the problem which is found in the heart of people. We have to eliminate man’s desire of money, for power, and for control to eliminate this, and many other issues of injustice happening in the world.

Who’s passionate about this issue? WHo wants to see this be eliminated? We can do it if we come together in love putting aside judgement but taking with us our greatest weapons of love, joy, and peace which enable us to speak words of life even in the most deathly environments.

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