If God Can’t Protect You, Buy A Gun!

With the recent surge in gun sales, mainstream media coverage, social discussions on gun rights, and legislation soon to come to address the issue of gun control; I would like to write about something I have observed regarding this matter.

I find it ironic, to say the least, that the initiating contributor of a surge in gun sales, is an act of catastrophic gun violence. Many people offer claims like “guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people”, while making their purchase of a gun.

I understand that it was not the shooting at Sandy Hook which inspired people to purchase guns in droves. The event at Sandy Hook Elementary was merely a catalyst toward a widespread fear of coming legislation which will cause greater difficulty in future gun purchases for ordinary citizens. Citizens who wish to arm themselves for their own protection. And who is the main group of people who seem to be in such fear of tyrannical government that they should seek the gun to be their defense? Christianity, at least in my observations.

From researching articles, meeting with people, church groups, and social media research, I have found that the driving force behind the pro-gun, NRA, seems to be largely based in Christianity, at least the professed form of the religion.

It seems incredibly odd to me how the evangelical Christian force in America, seems so starkly different than the one whom they claim to follow and believe – Jesus Christ. The Prince of Peace, whose USA followers are most often the most fervent supporters of war and military engagement, also cling to their guns citing causes of liberty. However, what about the many other causes of liberty, which seem to either be ignored or unknown?

To believe in Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit, is to believe that they are the sources of all Truth and power. But to believe that in order to protect yourself from the evils of this world; tyrannical government, intruders of your property, etc., you would have to believe that you yourself is the one with power to defend yourselves; thus impugning God of all power. We either believe that love has power over hate, peace has power over violence, and compassion has power over greed; or, we believe that we ourselves can take that power into our own hands, forsaking our belief in the power of God.

So, If God can’t protect you, buy a gun!

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The Real Church

The real church is not found within a building, or even the people who gather within a building. The real church, if we’re really looking, is found on the streets, in the world, and wherever love is being shared with compassion for one another.

“Church” is simply a word. And we can interpret a meaning of that word in ways which get to the heart of what it should mean. For many, including myself, the initial images which come to mind when hearing the word “church” is of pastors, Christians, and everything I was taught through my religious upbringing to believe that church indeed was. It was the place I would go to on Sunday’s and Wednesday evening to see friends, play games, play music, speak or listen to a message, go to eat afterward, and then go home – that was church.

We could say that “church” itself was simply the gathering with friends, who shared the same belief I had been trained to uphold. But this, I believe lacks in truth of what church actually is. I believe that church should not be as separate from the world. What I mean is, Christians have interpreted a scripture stating “Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.” (2 Corinthians 6:17) to mean that we should be separate, in all aspects. Relationships have divided over beliefs, both within the church and with the world. The people whom people within the church spend their time are most often those who attend the same group. Yet Jesus himself did not conduct relationships in this way. Certainly, he spent a large portion of his time with his disciples and followers, but he also spent his time dining with those considered to be “sinners”, drunkards, and the like. I do not believe he spent his time with them with an agenda to convert them to his religion, but he simply loved them for who they were. Because with that genuine humanity, filled with simple love, dwells the power and grace for people to actually change.

The real church is seen when people share friendship with compassion for one another. When a person who may be judged negatively by society, is treated with tremendous value and honor. The real church does not look to grow their numbers, attract new visitors, or create a better Sunday performance, it possesses no performance at all. There is no show, no marketing, no media, and no strategy. It is simple love being shared between human beings. That is the church I wish to see come alive and thrive in our world. The church of compassion.

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5 Ways to Complain About A Government Welfare System

I was going for a long walk late this evening, when I began to think about complaints I hear about government welfare. My thoughts have led me to compile a list of 5 ways to best lodge our complaints about the government-run welfare system. Here we go:

1. Take the time to meet the poor. When you see a person asking for change, give them 5 minutes, ask them questions, and show that you value them as a person with value.

2. Buy someone who is hungry a meal.

3. Invite someone who is homeless to come to your home for a meal, and potentially a roof for the night. It may seem scary, highly inadvisable, and they may be unwashed; but what you’ll have to choose is whether or not you value love and kindness over your own belief in what security actually is. Organize your church or community group to use building space to provide a shelter for the shelterless to sleep at night. If churches and groups began to do this as a priority, cities will be transformed by love and kindness.

4. Learn about who a person living in poverty truly is. Discover their talents and passions, and help them earn income by doing what they are naturally good at. You’ll discover there are many people living on the streets with high-level degrees, and unique abilities,but are in need of someone to take the time to nurture and bring those abilities into the world.

5. Give extremely to any person who is in need. When we begin to change our culture in to a culture of giving, the needs of all people are met, and all are invited and welcomed into the family of the community.

We have the tremendous honor and liberty to give to one another, to lift each other up in times of need. When that liberty is not exercised, the government steps in to fill the holes. The government welfare system is incredibly inefficient, and creates dependency within people upon an institution. But what if we began to rely on one another and the love we have for each other?

We have the choice to eliminate the government welfare system. If the people rise up to meet the needs of one another, we will have no need for government welfare, and indeed we will know liberty to a degree we have in my estimation – never before seen.

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Water Wells in Swaziland through Thirst Project

Thirst Project is a not-for-profit based in Beverly Hills, California with the mission to provide clean water to the entire nation of Swaziland, Africa.

This past summer I was honored to meet Thirst Project’s founder, Seth Maxwell, and other members of Thirst Project in Beverly Hills at their office. Their leadership has a tremendous passion for seeing the problem of people’s lack of clean water eradicated, and I am excited to share their information and invite to join in giving clean water to a nation in need.

On Thirst Project’s website, you can view their Campaigns where you can read stories of people in need of help, and donate whatever amount you are able to see that they are given hope through water, the most fundamental element of life. The following is an excerpt from the story of Sibusiso:




Please visit thirstproject.org/campaigns to learn how you can help.

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How Giving Changes The World

We are trained at an early age to believe in the philosophy of “survival of the fittest.” We are taught to do our best in taking care of our-self, to rely only on our-self, to become successful in life and business.

Because of this indoctrination – “survival of the fittest” – our behavior is shaped toward gaining as much as possible to provide for our own well being; our own security. But what if we inverted this thinking? What if we began first with the principle of giving, rather than gaining? I propose that if our focus is on gaining so that we might give, our capacity to give will be restricted as it is not truly our priority, and thus may never be realized. Because our first focus is to gain for ourselves, we continue a path of accumulation and giving becomes of greater difficulty, the more we accumulate.

We accumulate more and more, but it is difficult to shift our focus toward giving after years spent in pursuit of personal gain.

So what if we begin with our focus on giving? Do we sacrifice gain? I believe the answer to this question is absolutely, no.

When we give of ourselves to others; our time, our resources, and our friendship, we gain value that is priceless in the hearts and minds of people in need of hope. And hope is a force which can change the world.

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Poverty: The Greatest Crime of Humanity

We are told that poverty is a natural part of our world. We are told poverty will always exist. But my vision for life, our world, and our species call humanity, begins from a place of highest truth. Some call this place heaven, God, enlightenment, nirvana, and a slew of other terms which people throughout history have attributed to this place of peace and bliss.

I believe in the existence of this metaphysical reality, not in terms of an afterlife (nor do I disbelieve in an afterlife), but in terms of a well from which truth is drawn into the physical world. And if truth may be drawn from this realm of peace, are there any limitations on how much truth we may be able to drink and see evidenced in the earth? I believe not.

Let us consider the spiritual aspects which I believe exist in the realm of truth: peace, freedom, giving, compassion, joy, bliss, and contentment. All aspects of truth are found in the source of all things which is love. All aforementioned aspects occur from a place of simple love for one another. Love for all people and love for all of life. Can we say these words of love; peace and joy, are things which can be physically witnessed? Do we not call a tree a “tree” and a house a “house”? The words of love therefore are describing that which cannot be seen by the physical eye, but requires us to use imagination, faith, and the eye of our own heart.

We know the reality within words of love in many forms. We understand compassion when one gives of themselves for another’s well being. We are told that compassion is unnatural, however this is quite simply a lie which has become reality as it has been believed. Compassion, when known, becomes a most natural practice as it arises from our true human nature. It is believed by many that our nature is bent toward greed or “sin” as some call it, but we must reconnect with who we truly are, who we were at birth.

To know God is to understand ourselves. If we know God to be hateful, we will believe ourselves to be hateful. If we know God to be a liar, we will believe ourselves a liar. Many attempt to separate themselves from God, believing that God is good, yet we are bad. But to believe that would be to believe that a good creator would create something bad. The words of love, I believe are all that are worth attributing to God in the reality of which we live.
How do we reconnect with our true nature?

Re-connection to our true nature begins with the understanding that all questions are not only permissible, but necessary for understanding truth. Absolute truth is not found within a given answer, but in the questions we examine. When answers to questions are received they are not “end points” to our search for truth in a given subject, rather; they bring us to a new level of greater questions.

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If you think you have nothing to give, think again.

“And now, brothers and sisters, we want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches. In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own, they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the Lord’s people. And they exceeded our expectations: They gave themselves first of all to the Lord, and then by the will of God also to us. So we urged Titus, just as he had earlier made a beginning, to bring also to completion this act of grace on your part. But since you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have kindled in you—see that you also excel in this grace of giving.

I am not commanding you, but I want to test the sincerity of your love by comparing it with the earnestness of others. For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.

And here is my judgment about what is best for you in this matter. Last year you were the first not only to give but also to have the desire to do so. Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means. For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have.

Our desire is not that others might be relieved while you are hard pressed, but that there might be equality. At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. The goal is equality, as it is written: “The one who gathered much did not have too much, and the one who gathered little did not have too little.”

Written by Paul in 2 Cornithians 8:1-15 (from the New International Version)

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The Power of Information


The age of information brings with it a complete transition in the mechanism and functions of institutions in our world. The majority of people living within industrialized nations are now plugged into a system of information collecting on a scale far surpassing what the world has ever known.

Our information has become a most valuable commodity to those who would seek profit over benefit to the people. Businesses use collected information in order to target, or should I say, “fine tune” a marketing approach to most effectively manipulate a person’s mind into believing they need whatever product or service the business is selling, regardless of how that product or service would truly benefit a person’s life. Profit is not always in conflict with public benefit, but when profit is the inspiration for action the motivation to bring true benefit to the life of another is replaced with a pursuit of personal gain, personal power. I believe personal gain occurs in pursuit of helping and enhancing the lives of others.

As we have progressed deeper and deeper into an age of information being the key component of society, the question becomes whether information is used for the benefit and liberation of the people,; or to further enslavement of the masses by those who mean to rule other human beings.In order for information to be a force for liberation its totality must reside in the hands of those it would liberate. Information is power; power that must first and foremost be in the open accessibility of the people.

For too long information has resided in the clutches and control of governments, businesses, and religious institutions which have manipulated, restricted, and withheld truth from the public in order to maintain a false image, false control, and false power structure. But if we as the public of humanity are awakened to this knowledge of the power information possesses, the places we trust to seek learning of truth in our world would shift from what we see on television and are told by those who control our news; to the only place where truth can ever hope to be discovered – within our own hearts.

Anonymous, Wikileaks, and other groups, I believe, function to liberate humanity by the simple act of sharing information, data, documents, and the truth of what is happening behind closed doors of “public” institutions. And who else would we expect to perform this action in the age of mass digital information than digital information hackers? When information is not given freely for the purpose of truth being known, no matter how praising or revealing that truth might be, it must be “hacked” into for discovery to be known.

Anonymous goes a step further by organizing online protests against those who have been discovered to behave corruptly against the people. These protests heighten exposure and effectively disrupt actions which must be exposed for information (power) to be placed back into the hands of whom it is deserved – the people.

If truth is at the heart of our pursuit in life, we must live in a perpetual state of curiosity.

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5 Solutions to Change the World

I’ve discovered five key solutions to share with the world to eliminate our problems of violence, fear, poverty, slavery, and hate.

1. Peace: Human history has always known war and violence toward one another. Because of this history we have accepted as fact that humanity will always be at war. However, I believe that peace will one day be known by our species, and I will work to that end, whether it be one or one-thoiuand years from now to be realized. I believe our faith can ony be realized as truth if we place it in that which has not yet been seen. And the truth of a world at peace, is the only truth befitting a God who is love.

2. Hope: It is often that I hear “hope” spoken of in a depresding manner. We hear people say “I hope so” commonly with a tone of belief that what we hope for likely will not happen. But I would offer that the only things we should have hope for are those things which there is no doubt we will achieve. I hope in peace, and a world filled with people who simply love one another, share resources, and bring freedom to all of life. These are dreams of mine which I believe to based in promises from a being who cannot lie – God.

3. Resourceful Giving: Poverty is a product of greed. Greed is humanity’s pursuit of power over another, as opposed to service to one another. As we learn the joy of giving we learn that giving is actually one of the most selfish acts we can do. Because giving not only improves the well being of another in need, but improves the well being of our world. When poverty is eliminated by a gift of fortune, the incentive for thousands of other problems is also eliminated, and we create a safer, more connected in relationship world.

4. Freedom: Liberty is one of life’s most badic rights. Freedom is at war with greed & humanity’s desire to rule others. For freedom to be realized we must stand against those who would seek to oppress and enslave others. We stand against oppresdion with weapons not of violence nor words of anger; but with a heart of love and justice.

5. Love: I believe every solution listed above is rooted on simple love for one another. As we, together in unity, learn more about what “loving one another” means, the world will know peace, hope, generosity, and freedom.

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A One Week Exploration East

It’s amazing what happens when you begin a journey with very little planned; other than going places to love people. Every direction seems to be an opportunity and every place is filled with incredible people who are looking to know God deeper and love others, even though they have never before met.

The first evening, we arrived in St. Louis Missouri where I had been invited by a pastor named Joe James to attend a Prophetic Conference. I found Joe on Bethel’s iGlobalLegacy.org social network of people passionate about God and seeing cities transformed. I sent an email to him letting him know about us and what we were doing and that we’d simply love to connect. We met in the conference, embraced, and it was as if instantly meeting a family member. In my experience this is a common occurrence between people who have been born with the Spirit of God. As Paul said “we know one another in the spirit, not by the flesh” and this verse has rang very true in my life and in the relationships I’ve made with people along explorations of hope. God is One Spirit. And in His Spirit we are all connected. Even though we haven’t met in the flesh, it’s as if we’ve known each other before in realm where time does not exist. Then, when a connection is made, we share stories of experiences we’ve gone through – in the flesh.

At the prophetic conference the first song the musician played was called “Prepare the Way.” Have a listen to it or watch the video below.

Listening to the words in this song I couldn’t help but feel that this song was directly speaking to me and the mission I have to carry out in this life. That by exploring places with the light God has placed within us, we are breaking ground for the Kingdom of Heaven to come in greater measure as evidenced on the earth. The music was produced by a single gentleman on the piano, however; towards the end a woman sitting behind me began playing a flute. The spontaneity, and beauty in her talent, filled the music with another layer of creativity and greatly impacted the audience. I love spontaneous things that happen and the power music has on each of us.

The speaker on this night of the conference was Mary Lindow, “…an unusually versatile talent with a humorous and joyful expression and also as a willing servant of the Lord…” Mary gave a message filled with so much revelation into the heart of God that I couldn’t if I began to write about all of it I would have a 300 page book (perhaps I should do that?). She is a trained classical musician who would sing spontaneous prophetic songs over individuals in the audience – and her words greatly impacted many. Her music at times was as if you were sitting in a theatre watching a musical.

When the conference ended I approached Mary to thank her for her message and ministry. She instantly asked if she could pray for me and gave me words which have brought much light to my future direction and things I will do in the future. She said that I would fly “under the radar” and would accomplish much that was unseen, delivering supplies to people in need in areas where access was unavailable. These simple words have brought about a great deal of pondering.

We left the conference about 11 pm and went to Denny’s with Pastor Joe. Joe is from Wales, which is most likely my number 1 place I would like to go (I’m not welsh but my name is welsh and I’ve always felt drawn to go there). Joe shared his story with us about what God had delivered him from and the freedom he now carries for others. He wouldn’t fit the “norm” of what many of us might think of as a “pastor.” He has tattoos and instead of focusing on simply building a huge church, he is focused on being a place which exudes the presence of God. With that mindset it doesn’t matter how many people you have, the impact will be mighty. He said “the world doesn’t need just another church, it needs God.” I believe his church will be something different and unique, something that the city of St. Louis will be completely transformed by.

Joe invited us to stay in his spare room for the night and take us to breakfast in the morning. His kindness was overwhelming and so encouraging to us for continuing our journey the next day. We ate breakfast, shared more stories, and were soon on our way to Chicago!

Day 2
In Chicago we came to the home of Rene’e and H.T. Neighbors. There’s always an excitement in meeting people I haven’t met before. They were parents of a friend, so I did have some knowledge of who they were, but there is still that anticipation of what people might be like when you actually meet them. This would turn out to be another time of meeting people who had such a simple and genuine love for others.

Mrs. Neighbors ministers to women in prisons and is a tremendous prayer warrior. She spends hours in the morning with God, learning more of who He is, and thus; giving more of who He is to others. The first night in Chicago the four of us went to dinner and shared some great conversation. H.T. is a rock solid man of Godly character. I was amazed that after 24 years of marriage (I think it was 24), I would have thought they were as in love as they the date they met (probably much more in love now). When I asked what their secret was H.T. simply responded with “God.”

The next day we went to Chicago to connect with a ministry called Jesus People, USA. “In 1972 JPUSA began when a ragtag group of Christians wanted to change the world for Jesus. Now more than forty years later, they are still at it. What started as simply inviting folks in for a meal became a feeding program. What began as a phone call from a mother looking for housing eventually became a shelter, and now a complex of ministries dedicated to housing and resource services. Working together, ordinary people have been able to accomplish extraordinary things.”

We met the young lady at the front desk and quickly struck up conversation. She was actually from Moore, Oklahoma and we shared a good friend in common. We asked if there were opportunities to serve and were introduced to Tim, who said they did have some dishes that needed to be washed. We spent the next hour or so washing dishes, seeing the people who would come through the kitchen for a meal, and met some of the residents.

Day 3
We left on the morning of day 3 headed for Philadelphia. On the way I was invited through Facebook by the pastor of Gateway Victory Church in Wooster, Ohio, Keith Smith. We were invited for a quick meet & greet and prayer. We arrived at his church where had agreed to meet and as soon as I saw him I knew this was a man of incredible love for people. He had spent years growing up within a church, but everything changed once He found that God was a powerful God and had so much love, healing, and supernatural abilities for His Kingdom to invade earth through those who believe. He had discovered a book which greatly impacted him called When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson. Here is a short video from Bill speaking about “Living an Empowered Lifestyle”:

After sharing our stories with Keith he invited us to join him for a meal with a house church called Wayne County House of Prayer. His House of Prayer is place where people come together to become equipped in their gifting and transform their city for God. I have rarely been in an environment where the prophetic and spiritual intensity was as thick. The entire time we spent in this house was such a ministry to us, and it was an honor to make friends in the small town of Wooster. As soon as we arrived in this town I felt something I had not felt before. I met a man named Matt Clark, who is a rare breed. His curiosity has produced tremendous insight into things of the spiritual realm. I greatly loved getting to know him and see his heart. He shared so much encouragement with me about who I am and what I am doing. It’s great when someone shares truth of the beauty that is within our hearts with us.

I believe something BIG is happening in Wooster. Something that people will go to from all over the region to find – the Spirit, love, and power of God.

We awoke the next day with the intent of making it to Philadelphia. We arrived 45 minutes west of Philly in the town of West Chester, PA. The next morning we attended East Gate Church from an invitation I received from Timothy Berry, whose ministry is called Berry Blessed Ministries. At this point in the journey we had reached a wall, a point to choose whether or not to continue our exploration, or head back to Oklahoma. During the service the decision to head back became the decision where peace was found. The people of East Gate Church are pursuing healing for their region and have a great desire to impact the world. Their pastor shared stories of healing which took place on his recent visit to Australia, and it was an honor to join them for Sunday morning services. I met a man and his wife who, during musical worship, invited us to partake in communion with he and his wife. This man held so much passion within his heart, and was strong because he had become weak. He carried tremendous power to change environments with his actions and his soft-spoken words.

After the service we chose to head back to Oklahoma. We drove straight through, and arrived back in Oklahoma 1 week after leaving. Explorations of Hope rarely have a pre-defined length of time, and we go as the wind blows and as doors are opened to take. There are so many things that happened along this one-week journey which I believe it impossible for me to capture with words in a blog post. The connections which were made with so many in this week have tremendously impacted me, as I hope we impacted others with friendship, prophetic words, encouragement, and inspiration of dreams. I will never forget some of the things imparted in the Spirit, the intangible things which natural words cannot fully capture. The kindness that others showed us in support of our exploration will never be forgotten. Kindness when shared, in such ways that can seem so unnatural in the way the natural “survival of the fittest” world, change something in our world and have lasting impact as we carry that kindness to others.

So, now, I am back in Oklahoma. I believe this will be a short visit back to my birthplace, and I am looking forward to sharing the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family. I believe the next exploration will happen very soon, though I am not quite sure on direction. Doors open in an instant, and when they open, I go.

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