Community Plants

All donations I receive go directly to Community Plants, places where resources and services are freely shared with one another so that no human life is left in need of our most vital qualities:

Step 1 in planting a community is to build relationships with people who have a common interest in the mission, cause, and function of the community. Since our goal is to eliminate poverty, building relationships with those who are currently suffering from the injustice of poverty is crucial to establishment of the liberation we hope and believe our communities will bring to those in need of water, food, shelter, and friendship.

Step 2 is to locate and receive land, homes, or buildings to be used for the purposes of community shelter, space for growing food, and community gatherings. It is myhope to raise funds by providing free services in return for donations for the mission of ending poverty through community plants and receiving donations by traveling the world to campaign for solutions to global problems.

The mission of a Community Plant is to liberate human beings from systems of debt and poverty through working together, with tools and technology, to serve the needs of life. Our Community Plants have the following goals:

  • Building A Local Source Of Clean Water
  • Growing Food Naturally Through Agriculture
  • Building Simple And Efficient Structures For Safe Shelter
  • Production Of Clean Energy
  • Please support the mission of Community Plants by giving with me to help those who most need us come together to solve the problem of poverty.

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