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When I See…

When I see foreclosed-empty homes, warehouses with “for rent” signs, and other vacant buildings, I see people laying on the streets in open doorways and sidewalks who have a roof for the night.

When I see barren land, I see bountiful gardens of food growing tall so that no person awakes tomorrow to wonder of where their next meal will come.

When I see people with disease, I see people coming around them to help receive the treatment they need and the best treatment of all – love and friendship.

When I see electricity, I see energy being produced from sources of wind, water, geo-thermal, and solar, sources which produce absolutely zero pollution to the air.

When I see a man on the street corner begging for change, I see a friend.

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The Property of Ownership, Africa Land Grabs, and Injustic

I would like, for a moment, to write about the property of ownership. Is the belief that we have ownership over a section of land, building(s), automobiles, and other items, man-made or not, a healthy thing for humanity?

The danger with ownership is that we believe we possess something, but that some-thing also possesses us, many times to our demise. One of the contributing factors to the depletion of many African resources and land, came when the white men discovered they had no law which said they owned their land. They simply lived on the land, farmed for food, and lived a quite communal lifestyle, free of laws. Well, because they had no law, the English decided to make their own, stating that where law did not exist, that land was under the law of Britain, and was free-game for the whites to conquer and claim as their own.

This process of “land grabbing” is continuing to this day. Here is some information about the issue from www.stopafricalandgrab.com:

“Land grabbing is the contentious issue of large-scale land acquisitions; the buying or leasing of large pieces of land in developing countries, by domestic and transnational companies, governments, and individuals. While used broadly throughout history, land grabbing as used today primarily refers to large-scale land acquisitions following the 2007-2008 world food price crisis. By prompting food security fears within the developed world and newfound economic opportunities for agricultural investors and speculators, the food price crisis caused a dramatic spike in large-scale agricultural investments, primarily foreign, in the Global South for the purposes of food and biofuels production. Initially hailed by investors and some developing countries as a new pathway towards agricultural development, investment in land has recently been criticized by a number of civil society, governmental, and multinational actors for the various negative impacts that it has had on local communities.
The target locations of most land grabs are in the Global South, with 70% of land grabs concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa. Other primary areas of note are in Southeast Asia and Latin America.”

I will write more on this subject at a later time… stay tuned and please feel free to comment leaving your thoughts below.

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If God Can’t Protect You, Buy A Gun!

With the recent surge in gun sales, mainstream media coverage, social discussions on gun rights, and legislation soon to come to address the issue of gun control; I would like to write about something I have observed regarding this matter.

I find it ironic, to say the least, that the initiating contributor of a surge in gun sales, is an act of catastrophic gun violence. Many people offer claims like “guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people”, while making their purchase of a gun.

I understand that it was not the shooting at Sandy Hook which inspired people to purchase guns in droves. The event at Sandy Hook Elementary was merely a catalyst toward a widespread fear of coming legislation which will cause greater difficulty in future gun purchases for ordinary citizens. Citizens who wish to arm themselves for their own protection. And who is the main group of people who seem to be in such fear of tyrannical government that they should seek the gun to be their defense? Christianity, at least in my observations.

From researching articles, meeting with people, church groups, and social media research, I have found that the driving force behind the pro-gun, NRA, seems to be largely based in Christianity, at least the professed form of the religion.

It seems incredibly odd to me how the evangelical Christian force in America, seems so starkly different than the one whom they claim to follow and believe – Jesus Christ. The Prince of Peace, whose USA followers are most often the most fervent supporters of war and military engagement, also cling to their guns citing causes of liberty. However, what about the many other causes of liberty, which seem to either be ignored or unknown?

To believe in Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit, is to believe that they are the sources of all Truth and power. But to believe that in order to protect yourself from the evils of this world; tyrannical government, intruders of your property, etc., you would have to believe that you yourself is the one with power to defend yourselves; thus impugning God of all power. We either believe that love has power over hate, peace has power over violence, and compassion has power over greed; or, we believe that we ourselves can take that power into our own hands, forsaking our belief in the power of God.

So, If God can’t protect you, buy a gun!

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5 Ways to Complain About A Government Welfare System

I was going for a long walk late this evening, when I began to think about complaints I hear about government welfare. My thoughts have led me to compile a list of 5 ways to best lodge our complaints about the government-run welfare system. Here we go:

1. Take the time to meet the poor. When you see a person asking for change, give them 5 minutes, ask them questions, and show that you value them as a person with value.

2. Buy someone who is hungry a meal.

3. Invite someone who is homeless to come to your home for a meal, and potentially a roof for the night. It may seem scary, highly inadvisable, and they may be unwashed; but what you’ll have to choose is whether or not you value love and kindness over your own belief in what security actually is. Organize your church or community group to use building space to provide a shelter for the shelterless to sleep at night. If churches and groups began to do this as a priority, cities will be transformed by love and kindness.

4. Learn about who a person living in poverty truly is. Discover their talents and passions, and help them earn income by doing what they are naturally good at. You’ll discover there are many people living on the streets with high-level degrees, and unique abilities,but are in need of someone to take the time to nurture and bring those abilities into the world.

5. Give extremely to any person who is in need. When we begin to change our culture in to a culture of giving, the needs of all people are met, and all are invited and welcomed into the family of the community.

We have the tremendous honor and liberty to give to one another, to lift each other up in times of need. When that liberty is not exercised, the government steps in to fill the holes. The government welfare system is incredibly inefficient, and creates dependency within people upon an institution. But what if we began to rely on one another and the love we have for each other?

We have the choice to eliminate the government welfare system. If the people rise up to meet the needs of one another, we will have no need for government welfare, and indeed we will know liberty to a degree we have in my estimation – never before seen.

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The Power of Information


The age of information brings with it a complete transition in the mechanism and functions of institutions in our world. The majority of people living within industrialized nations are now plugged into a system of information collecting on a scale far surpassing what the world has ever known.

Our information has become a most valuable commodity to those who would seek profit over benefit to the people. Businesses use collected information in order to target, or should I say, “fine tune” a marketing approach to most effectively manipulate a person’s mind into believing they need whatever product or service the business is selling, regardless of how that product or service would truly benefit a person’s life. Profit is not always in conflict with public benefit, but when profit is the inspiration for action the motivation to bring true benefit to the life of another is replaced with a pursuit of personal gain, personal power. I believe personal gain occurs in pursuit of helping and enhancing the lives of others.

As we have progressed deeper and deeper into an age of information being the key component of society, the question becomes whether information is used for the benefit and liberation of the people,; or to further enslavement of the masses by those who mean to rule other human beings.In order for information to be a force for liberation its totality must reside in the hands of those it would liberate. Information is power; power that must first and foremost be in the open accessibility of the people.

For too long information has resided in the clutches and control of governments, businesses, and religious institutions which have manipulated, restricted, and withheld truth from the public in order to maintain a false image, false control, and false power structure. But if we as the public of humanity are awakened to this knowledge of the power information possesses, the places we trust to seek learning of truth in our world would shift from what we see on television and are told by those who control our news; to the only place where truth can ever hope to be discovered – within our own hearts.

Anonymous, Wikileaks, and other groups, I believe, function to liberate humanity by the simple act of sharing information, data, documents, and the truth of what is happening behind closed doors of “public” institutions. And who else would we expect to perform this action in the age of mass digital information than digital information hackers? When information is not given freely for the purpose of truth being known, no matter how praising or revealing that truth might be, it must be “hacked” into for discovery to be known.

Anonymous goes a step further by organizing online protests against those who have been discovered to behave corruptly against the people. These protests heighten exposure and effectively disrupt actions which must be exposed for information (power) to be placed back into the hands of whom it is deserved – the people.

If truth is at the heart of our pursuit in life, we must live in a perpetual state of curiosity.

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Slavery By Consent

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Thoughts on Human Trafficking

Human sex trafficking is an issue that I’ve noticed is gaining quite a bit more exposure than it had in previous years, at least that has been my observation. Young woman are kidnapped and installed into the world of prostitution, living in extremely unhealthy and confined spaces with very little hope of escape. Men pay them nothing as they are their property and they are largely viewed as a tool to earn a profit. Which I think may potentially speak to the core issue here.

Certainly the lack of respect for other human beings and desensitization to sex are key elements, however; as people’s hearts have been formed by the evil in this world to pursue money, this becomes a pursuit that disconnects humanity from itself, thus enabling people to view other people, not as people at all but as tools to serve the great purpose of serving the god of money. We read a few places in the Bible where it talks about the two god’s a person can serve – God or money. The love of money is not loving a piece of paper, but the power that comes with it, and this is a spirit that is rampant globally. Many of us grow out of our indoctrination of religion and patriotism, but few seem to see that the indoctrination of money is the most deceptive influence that we are taught at birth and throughout our lives.

The only answer I can see to the issue of human sex trafficking is that of love. When we show others love and they experience it in it’s genuine grace-filled nature, they are empowered to change because they’ve found something real that is more powerful than anything prevalent in this world. If we can spread love into the darkest places we will see this issue eliminated. Many want to solve the problem through laws or simply getting the women out. However, I don’t believe either of these perspectives truly solves the problem which is found in the heart of people. We have to eliminate man’s desire of money, for power, and for control to eliminate this, and many other issues of injustice happening in the world.

Who’s passionate about this issue? WHo wants to see this be eliminated? We can do it if we come together in love putting aside judgement but taking with us our greatest weapons of love, joy, and peace which enable us to speak words of life even in the most deathly environments.

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Are We Killing Kids’ Dreams?

I firmly believe that within the heart of every child is pure, true, dream that is at the core of who that person was made to be. As kids we had things we enjoyed and were naturally adept to accomplish – and still not take it too seriously. But somewhere along the way we are given the understanding that we need to “grow up” and our lives from that point become about achieving a measure of security (I would call it false security) found in a good paying job that will provide for a comfortable life. A life that our parents can rest easy with knowing their child lives in a neighborhood with a low crime rate, “good” schools for their 2.6 children and is at least mildly successful according to the measures of success we are given by the business culture society which dominated the earthly mindset.

But what happened to that child’s dream? What happened to the time when all things were truly possible, albeit not without taking a chance and a risk. Taking chances doesn’t always workout, and can lead to being in less than what some would call “safe” places. But every chance we take has a tremendous value within in and even if taking that chance goes south, we learn so much about who we are and grow out of that with stories and experience to pass on to others.

I don’t remember exploring being a conscious goal of mine as a child, but I do remember being an explorer riding my bicycle with training wheels all over town, wishing to go beyond the confines of the city limits (“limits” is a word I don’t do well with).There have certainly been times in my life when “The American Dream” has attempted and nearly succeeded in restricting me from realizing that dream I held as a child. But all things work as they should. I encourage you to continue seeking your dreams no matter what the cost. You may be in a body right now but it is your spirit that is the real you. It is your spirit that is naturally bent toward the dreams placed within your heart. Follow that heart. Follow the spirit. Follow your dreams.

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