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I am an explorer, writer, humanitarian, musician, designer, philanthropist, and minister. I have committed my life to the mission of ending global poverty by exploring the world, building friendships, planting communities, and giving everything I have to others in need.

During my high school years I began to research and discover information about the problem of global poverty. It was mind-numbing to me, how we could live in a world with such an abundance of natural resources, yet so many people live without access to life’s most vital needs such as: clean water, healthy food, safe shelter, and friendship.

One afternoon, at the age of 19, while I was driving down the road I had an image of a small boy in a small African village in my mind. He was unwell, and would likely die the next day, simply because of the place he had been born, lacking basic medical attention and food. Something about this image struck my heart and from that moment I knew my purpose in this life – for people in need to know that someone cares, someone will help, and that we as human beings will overcome poverty in our world.

From that moment I began to eliminate everything in my life which I did not need. I sold everything I owned, and have lived with only what fits into my backpack since 2010. I have eliminated nearly all of my bills, using only $30 per month for a cell phone to remain in communication and spread information with the world. I travel non-stop, by whatever means which I am able. Because of a rare eye disease, causing me unable to legally drive, I am only able to travel by public transportation, airplane, train, bus, or pilgrimage walking. I travel from place to place to build friendships throughout the world, speak with groups who invite me, and appeal to community leaders and those with a wealth of resources to help those without the very essentials to live.

Mission Statement
My mission is to bring people together, no matter what our differences, to end poverty of all kinds in our world.

I would be incredibly honored by your support of my mission in life. All donations I receive are directly given to people in need of help.

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3 thoughts on “Connect With Me

  1. i love your quote. love love love it.

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